Dr. Cass Ingram’s Civil Defense

The Dangers of Codex and What You Can Do About It

The best way you can fight Codex is to change your shopping habits. Simultaneously, you will gain a major improvement in your health. Codex is a false front for the drug companies. It is a regulatory group consisting of drug and chemical company officials. They are using their financial powers to attempt to take control of natural medicine. The people behind this are vicious and have only one agenda: total financial control. If Americans fail to resist this, they will lose their right to free choice.

Codex is known as Codex Alimentarious. It is a shill organization for the drug and chemical cartels. It has no truly legal basis. It is an attempt to hold a monopoly against the public’s interest. The people behind Codex have only one interest: total control of the public health industry. They seek to crush all competition, particularly from natural medicine.

One technique they use is to infiltrate any natural medicine movement: beware! They disseminate propaganda to make it appear that they have no ill will. However, the only object of Codex is control. This is to maintain the financial power of the drug and chemical, as well as vaccine, industries.

Codex supports genetic engineering, drug therapy, and vaccines. It has no interest in natural medicine, in fact, it wishes to destroy this movement. It is a joint operative for pharmaceutical cartels in order to overpower natural safe therapies. It serves no useful function. Codex is not a food safety board. It is a board consisting of drug company officials.

How you can fight back

Refuse to invest in or buy anything which supports this

cartel. Do not buy or use:

• Pesticides

• Herbicides

• Fungicides

• Synthetic fertilizers

• Prescription drugs

• Over-the-counter drugs

Note: The above are responsible for much of this planet’s biological destruction. Pesticides alone have caused the extinction of a number of animal species.

Refuse to buy any food made with genetically engineered components. The worst of these foods, that is, the most contaminated, are:

• Canola oil (this is the least healthy of all food oils; what’s more, this is a semi-synthetic oil)

• Food containing NutraSweet (Donald Rumsfeld profits from these)

• Food containing MSG

• Corn, including corn starch and corn syrup

• Soy beans, including soy burgers and milk

• Papaya (if from Hawaii)

• Commercial beef, pork, and chicken (may be fed genetically engineered soya and/or corn)

• Squash (commercial butternut)

• Cottonseed oil

• Soybean oil

• Commercial milk products (the genetically engineered hormone BST has been associated with causing cancer. This hormone will eventually be rejected due to an increase in cancer in children and adolescents, who consume commercial milk products.

Facts to consider

NutraSweet creates two poisonous compounds:methanol and formaldehyde.

Foods containing MSG, a proven neurotoxin, may be disguised under such names as autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, modified food starch, and “natural” flavors.

Virtually all baked, coated, and breaded foods are contaminated, because these foods contain ingredients such as corn, corn starch, soybean/cottonseed oils, milkcomponents, and soy derivatives.

The aforementioned may contain animal genes, including material from vermin (i. e. mice and rats), sewage bacterial genes, and AIDS-like viruses. Severe allergic reactions to the foreign components of genetically engineered food are possible. Deaths have been reported due to the consumption of genetically engineered foods. Cancer has been directly tied to genetically engineered drugs. The fact is if such foods continue to remain widespread there will result a vast increase in cancer cases.

About shopping…

Read all labels. Refuse to buy food which contains chemical additives. Such additives increase the risks for cancer and may cause allergic shock. Food additives are tied to the cause of a variety of diseases, including asthma, attention deficit, autism, retardation, migraine headaches, and arthritis. Commercial milk products may contain a potent cancer-causing hormone, BST, a product of the highly destructive Monsanto Corporation. This is the same company responsible for widespread damage of the global environment, including the permanent destruction of much of Vietnam (i. e. through Agent Orange). Incredibly, when reviewed in Canada for potential approval, BST was deemed so toxic that it was rejected. Any commercial milk contaminated by this hormone is potentially carcinogenic.

Contaminated vaccines

The majority of vaccines are contaminated. These contaminants include toxic chemicals and dangerous germs. There is no evidence that modern vaccines prevent disease. Rather, there is a plethora of evidence proving they cause disease. Diseases directly associated with modern vaccines include cancer, lung infections, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, colitis, arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS. Opt for a religious exemption, both for adults and children.

Contaminated Supplements

Do not consume supplements made from animal matter. This includes cartilage supplements such as chondroitin. Also, avoid the consumption of commercial forms of vitamin E. This is due to the fact that the vitamin E is derived from soy, which is genetically engineered. A recent study indicated that regular consumers of vitamin E have a higher risk of sudden death than controls. For vitamin E use crude natural sources, which are never genetically engineered, for instance, Pumpkinol and Sesam-E. There is nothing genetically engineered in such supplements. As a source of glandular support, instead of feedlot-derived glandulars take the royal jelly-based Royal Power. For thyroid support take the Thyroset, which is made from wild herbs and wild kelp. Commercial vitamin C may also be tainted. This is due to the fact that such vitamin C is derived from corn, which is largely genetically engineered. Instead of such synthetics select a completely natural vitamin C formula, such as Purely-C (formerly Flavin-C). This is made only from wild and tropical fruit as well as herbs. There is no synthetic or corn-derived vitamin C in this product. It is lower dose than the typical, yet, the dosage is still significant: some 120% of the daily requirement in one capsule.

Remember, rather than herbs or vitamins it is the chemicals which are killing Americans. Focus on this. The chemicals are also destroying the environment. If the environment is destroyed, what will happen to the people? The best books on this subject are Seeds ofChange (Jeffery Smith) and, for discovering the highest quality nutritional supplements, Nutrition Tests for Better Health (Dr. Cass Ingram). For learning moreabout the danger of vaccines, tainted meat, and frightening germs Natural Cures for Killer Germs (Dr. Cass Ingram) is most comprehensive.

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