• Dr. Kasem Khaleel examines the development of genuine science through the ages and exposes its relationship to religion.
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  • Fight back with natural cures.

    The Infection Connection is the most important, new revelation in modern medicine, proving that microbial attack is the cause of the majority of diseases.

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  • Wild oregano is the most powerful natural medicine known. Learn how you can dramatically boost your health and reverse numerous diseases.

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  • The first-ever book on the real causes behind the COVID-19 pandemic and how to reverse it, all with natural medicines. For the Month of April this book is available free online at CassIngram.com by subscribing to his FREE enews. The book will be available in hard book form, mid-May, 2020. Get your free download, now, while it lasts. This is in order to get the word out to help the people of this world, with people dying senseless from a reversible disease.


  • Discover evidence for the existence of a force which controls all, with Dr. Kasem Khaleel’s critical examination of the relationship between the sciences and the divine. Learn how divine texts contain irrefutable scientific facts and why the divine estimate of the earth’s age equals the latest scientific findings. Learn the real truth  about almighty God.
  • Discover how his inspiring words can be applied to your life. This collection will guide you in areas such as charity, character, marriage, and mercy. Include Muhammad’s collection of his words with your daily contemplation.
  • For your own protection you need to know who the real terrorists are, because it isn’t over yet. Discover who really was behind 9/11 and the London bombings. Find out which terrorists attempted to blow up the Alaskan pipeline.
  • The Longevity Solution—Finally, a book that explains the incredible powers of royal jelly based upon modern science.
  • Presidential elections in the United States are being stolen. The thieves are Zionists and their supporters. Other cheaters include operatives of both political parties.  It's all proven in Dr. K's blockbuster book, Rigged.
  • All God’s prophets have prescribed prayer. Islaamic prayer is a unique system. Now, you can find the real reasons behind it. Islaamic worship is a physical exercise that benefits the whole body.
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