Nuclear Meltdown: protect yourself from dangerous radioactivity

Natural  medicines  are  highly  protective against nuclear irradiation. There are no other major sources of protection other than-known  synthetic  substance  potassium iodide. In other words, there are no drugs which block toxicity; only natural substances do so.

Potassium iodide protects only the thyroid. The rest of the tissues are left vulnerable to radioactive fallout unless specific measures are taken. According to Russian scientists with experience in nuclear fallout, for instance from the Chernobyl disaster, “Iodine is limited remedy.” Much more can be done, which is addressed here.

In a nuclear reactor the base material is uranium, which is broken apart by neutrons. The result is iodine-131. This is unnatural and antagonizes the normal iodine, therefore  poisoning  the  thyroid  and  more.  Other byproducts   are   cesium-137,   strontium-90,   and plutonium.  Cesium  mimics  potassium,  a  mineral essential to all function. It is a potent carcinogen. Concentrated  in  the  bone,  strontium-90  causes destruction of the bone marrow, bone cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma. All such ions cause this damage by creating free radicals. Thus, it is more important to block these than merely to take synthetic iodine.

Acute  radiation  poisoning  is  a  serious  illness, because it can rapidly cause death—or extreme destruction. The destruction causes health problems which  last  a  lifetime.  Early  symptoms  of  this poisoning include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, which are largely due to the destruction of the fast- growing cells which line the digestive tract. These symptoms may last up to several days. The person

may look and feel healthy otherwise, but this is deceptive. The sickness quickly returns with loss of appetite,  fatigue,  fever,  nausea,  vomiting,  and diarrhea, possibly even seizures and coma. This phase  may  last  even  several  months.  It  is  the absolute misery of radiation sickness.

There is also skin inflammation and various lesions, including radiation burns, the later being manifested by   swelling,   itching,   and   redness   (like   bad sunburns). The skin may then heal as a result of the absorption of radioactive ions through the tissues. Also, hair loss is a common consequence. All such symptoms are ominous and, if untreated, result in fatality.  Those  who  survive  usually  die  within several months of exposure. The cause of death in most cases is destruction of the bone marrow, which results  in  infections  and  internal  bleeding.  For survivors the recovery  process may last several weeks, or up to two years. Chronic exposure is continuously occurring from Chernobyl. Even today, any people within a 100-mile radius of the site are developing diseases including thyroid cancer. Wild oregano  and chaga are essential and even more important than potassium iodide. Wild oregano is the top food  antioxidant, and wild chaga is the top source of SOD (superoxide dismutase), an enzyme that is depleted by radioactive ions. Wild oregano, rosemary, and cumin raise glutathione levels, and this enzyme is the front line of defense along with SOD against nuclear irradiation. The following are the   treatment   protocols   necessary   to   prevent degeneration  and  to  block  destruction  of  bone marrow and organs, the items listed in priority:

Basic treatment protocol for radiation exposure:
Juice of wild oregano: 1 fl oz or more twice daily
Oil of oregano (only, true mountain type): 10 drops / 2 gelcaps twice daily
Chaga-birch tea:  2 or more cups daily

Master p
rotection treatment protocol:
Entire aforementioned plus:

Oil of edible wild rosemary : 20 drops twice daily
Oil of mountain cumin: 20 drops twice daily
Emulsified wild beepropolis: 20 drops twice daily
Wild source natural vitamin C: 2 caps twice daily
Red sour grape: 3 capsules twice daily
Sunflower seed oil vitamin E: 1-2 caps twice daily (or as sublingual)
Multiple-spice with cumin oregano and sage capsules: 2-3 caps twice daily
CO2 extracted wild oregano: 20 or more drops twice daily
Super-5-Greens ( 1 fl oz or more daily to purge radioactive heavy metals.
Crude oregano herb complex: 3 caps twice daily
Wild salt Capsules: 1-or more capsules daily

Skin protection protocol:
Chaga Cream: Apply as a preventative and on all lesions
Oregano Cream: Apply as a preventative
CO2 extracted wild oregano: 20 or more drops twice daily
Emulsified wild beepropolis: 20 drops twice daily

Protective whole or wild foods:

Wild Oregano Honey or Manuka Honey: 2 tbsp daily
Wild Korean kelp chips: Eat a packet daily
Dulse or other kelp: consume daily
Wild, raw nut butters ( ideal source of natural, raw vitamin E

Note: Eat foods rich in saturated fats, and avoid polyunsaturated fats; do not consume canola or soy products.