I love this little book, I have looked up so many things that I can treat with Oregano oil, and given it as a gift to my homeopathic and non homeopathic friends too!

lori muller March 17, 2017

This book is tested and tried long term. I have recommended it to dozens of family and friends as well as the products recommended (Oil of Oregano and Oregamax Capsules)by Dr Cass Ingram. The Treatment Protocol recommended in the book for hundreds of illnesses and ailments has proved to be everything Dr Ingram says in the book. I get calls often from family and friends asking me to look up something in my copy and read to them how to treat whatever is their health problem. I am now ordering several copies to give as gifts. If dozens of us are having such success by following this book information, imagine how it will benefit you. Buy the book and the oregano products, and it will become a household staple for you too.

Glorius One March 17, 2017

Oil of Oregano has made a “new man” out of my grandson! He has had over a dozen ear infections and coughs in his less than two years. My daughter, a nurse and the world’s biggest skeptic, was constantly taking him to his pediatrician for antibiotics. He developed a very painful diaper area inflammation with his last medicine. I had heard about this book over the radio and bought it and the product. I suggested to my daughter she put one drop on the back of each of her son’s earlobes first diluting it with olive oil. She laughed and ignored my advice until she became very upset over the last infection. She then bought the oil, did *not* bother diluting it and the next day he stopped pulling on his ears! She continued applying the oil in the same way and now, a week later he is fine! She herself developed strep throat. Now a believer, she drank three drops of the oil in a small glass of water. Next day the strep was gone! We’re thrilled; I think this product will revolutionize medicine. Or harm it! Please: buy this book AND the product!

Susan Olson March 17, 2017

I heard about this oil of Oregano from a friend at work and decided to get some, even though I had no health problems at the time. After reading the book and seeing all the interesting uses, I decided to try it on a stubborn case of athlete’s foot. It worked perfectly! Exactly as described! I have since used it on mosquito bites, and on my sons’ bee sting, on a 3rd degree burn, and I am looking for more oportunities to try it on. Everyone I mention it to seems skeptical, but I have yet to disprove any of the “cures” listed in the book. Although it seems like a bunch of hogwash to the reader at first, it turns out to be informative and sensible. You can’t put a price on a quick, safe, cure-all like this one!

March 17, 2017

I purchased this book per my sister’s recommendation that oil of oregano or oregano would help detox my system. The day I purchased the book my husband came down with a serious infection (on Saturday of course!). After following the instructions he had relief within hours, as I did also. The book is written like an engineering paper – intro, detail, conclusion. It is easy to read and understand, with enough detail, facts, and substantiation to be effective in winning you over to at least try the healing properties of oregano. Try the book!

March 17, 2017